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Techie by long professional experience, but a dabbler in most things.

Degrees. Worked in computer industry since the early 70s. Hardware, software, logic design, programming, system design, all that stuff. Currently designing audio equipment for the music industry, having swapped hobby for profession, and profession for hobby.


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  1. Tzzzzz said, on September 27, 2010 at 7:23 am

    Great Website.

    what about organization risk?
    Oracle and OpenSolaris.

    Data Integrity appears to be the key.
    ZFS recovery versus ext4 or Btrfs file system
    for OpenSuSE

    my other ‘home projects’ offsite storage – cloud – Amazon
    offsite storage – via hard drive removal
    to overcome the problem of ‘house fire’

    • rgkeen said, on September 27, 2010 at 12:35 pm

      Excellent questions.

      Organizational risk is a big issue, and one that has temporarily at least made me slow down on adding any new Opensolaris servers.

      That being said, my two Opensolaris based servers are working reliably for me now, and so they do serve their intended uses. I have had no errors or losses of data. However, I also worry that the Opensolaris era is ending or ended. In the future I will consider moving to either one of the proposed open source derivatives of Opensolaris, such as Openindiana, Illumos, etc., and also evaluating the Free BSD version of zfs.

      As for the house fire risk, I personally have an advantage that not everyone has. I have a detached garage which has network wiring going to it. It is “off site” enough for a house fire to not destroy records. A tornado might get them both, but not a fire. It’s not perfect, but we all can only approach perfection, never achieve it.

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