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I’ve given up on OpenSolaris

Posted in Opensolaris Server by rgkeen on May 23, 2011

I’ve given up on OpenSolaris. I flushed my OpenSolaris machine and am digging into FreeBSD and FreeNAS.

I get terribly frustrated at having given into what Oracle was trying to push me into doing all along. It feels to me as if Oracle is trying to make it difficult and unrewarding to use OpenSolaris so people will go away and quit bothering them if the people don’t want to pay Oracle’s price for Solaris use. I resent that bit of social-engineering/manipulation of me. I think it would have been more honest to just cut it off it.

That’s the way it seems to me, at least. Anyway, OpenSolaris is a non-starter to me at this point. I’ve moved the front end machine to FreeNAS, even with the remaining warts, and I will move the back end machine to FreeBSD when my testing of FreeNAS is complete. There are still some warts on FreeBSD/FreeNAS, but they’re probably not going to be open to manipulation of users the way I think that (Open)Solaris has/will be.

That’s my personal opinion. What you do is up to you.


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